Quality assurance

With the help of our laboratory, we can continually monitor the running production and ensure that all the leather we deliver is in compliance with quality demands you as a client place on us.


1. Quality assurance of systems

That you as a client can rely on us to do a good job is important to us. At Elmo, we therefore consider it essential to have a well-functioning organisation where quality control is an accepted element. In order to improve the control and knowledge of our business operations, our work processes have been quality-assured. Our Quality Management System is also ISO accredited, which you can read more about below.

PdfIATF 16949:2016
PdfISO 9001:2015

2. Quality assurance of products

In order for you as a client to have access to the very best quality leather, the quality of the leather is tested before delivery. From each production batch one hide is removed and the technical properties are tested according to standard international testing methods. Our tests include:

How resistant is the leather to dry rubbing?

How is the leather affected by sunlight?

How strong is the leather?

A very important property of leather is how the material reacts in the event of a fire. As a consequence, we test the flammability properties of our products very thoroughly at an independent laboratory.

3. Quality assurance of environmental impact

At Elmo, we are firmly committed to ensuring that our impact on the environment is kept at a minimum. Subsequently, we constantly work with projects to reduce our emissions to air and water.

To ensure that our production process is in conformance with our environmental commitment, all our products are checked and controlled by independent institutions. In addition, since 2001, we have been accredited according to ISO 14001.

PdfISO 14001:2015