About us

We have lived and breathed the fine art and craftsmanship of natural leather for almost 100 years. At Elmo, the highest quality is always at the touch of your hand. We know this, because every hide leaving our tanning plant has been touched by our skilled hands.

A hide
Production facility in Svenljunga

Elmo was founded in 1931 and the craftsmanship of natural leather is still very much our heart and soul. The essence in everything we do lies within the artistry, where every piece of leather produced is touched by our skilled hands. With our expertise and experience, we guarantee the highest quality possible. We simply love what we do.


Bringing visions to life

We take great pride in our meticulous production process, where every element is thoughtfully overseen, from the individual leather and its treatment to the final customization. Our natural leather elevates products and experiences within many industries, from automotive and aviation to furniture and product design. We are dedicated to perfectly match your ideas and bring your visions to life, down to the very last detail. Our experienced team of experts will walk you through every step of the process and effortlessly develop your design with prototypes, test collections, and custom color samples tailored to your desires and specifications.


Reducing our environmental impact

Our distinguished leather is in high demand from customers in over 40 markets worldwide. However, what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Since the late 80s, we’ve been pioneers in the tanning industry’s shift towards water-based coatings, reducing our environmental impact significantly. Our state-of-the-art Water Treatment Plant not only purifies wastewater but also contributes to the availability of clean drinking water downstream.

In 2021, we introduced our groundbreaking ECO-model, resulting in a zero-waste value proposition that distinguishes us in the industry. Moreover, we adhere to a 100% circular manufacturing methodology, ensuring that all process waste is upcycled, recycled, or repurposed as raw material for other industries or as a source of energy.


We constantly challenge ourselves to be more innovative to reduce our environmental impact even more. These are the ultimate symbols of our commitment to preserving our planet for future generations.