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A Good Choice

We have a long history of collaborating with producers and architects to develop unique pieces and spaces. Appearance is everything when it comes to furniture, and with all our products certified according to global requirements, you can rest assured that Elmo is good choice for both longevity and style.

Project: Hyllie

Discover how Elmo’s Hyllie Terass project, in collaboration with long-time interior designer Louise Hedenström, epitomizes sustainable luxury by embracing imperfections in leather and the connection between humanity and nature, creating an inviting and harmonious space in an office hotel.


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“It’s cool to see the possibilities; by initiating this, Elmo has been able to recognize the beauty of sustainable design.”

We are the­­ House of ­Colour
When it Comes to Leather

Striking colours is one of our main traits when it comes to furniture design. We’re dedicated to bringing your visions to life and effortlessly develop and prototype your design with test collections and custom colour samples tailored to your desires and specifications.

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Design Stories


Mattias Stenberg on Stories of Materiality and Craftsmanship

Every object I craft, whether a chair or a delicate glass sculpture, becomes a canvas for conveying messages and symbolic meanings.

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Meet Helena Bonving

In the world of automotive manufacturing, the demands are as diverse as they are intricate. At Elmo’s product development division, these challenges find their answer. Helena Bonving spearheads the efforts, relishing the opportunity to craft distinctive and exclusive solutions for each customer.

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When the Swedish bag brand Cloudberry searched for a trusted partner who shared their commitment to sustainability for sourcing leather for their luxury items, they turned to Elmo.

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Lisa Hilland – the Lumi Pouf

Swedish designer Lisa Hilland is known for her holistic approach to design, respecting both nature and human beings.

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Empowering our Customers
with Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is at the center of everything we do, and it’s been our highest priority since the beginning of the 1980’s. We can’t stress it enough. We facilitate a modern production process with people that are genuinely passionate about leather. Our biological Water Treatment Plant is a game changer for the tanning industry. With the plant, we drive the whole industry towards water-based coatings while also pioneering discharge water purification.

“Embrace the longevity and allure of leather with its natural durability and graceful aging process, makes it outstanding from other surface materials. When you choose Elmo, you choose a sustainable leather that stands the test of time.”


World Water Day

Today we celebrate World Water Day, an annual United Nations observance day held on 22 March that highlights the importance of fresh water.

Sarek: A Natural Color Collection Inspired by Swedish Wilderness

Mattias Stenberg drew inspiration from the breathtaking Sarek National Park, Sweden's largest mountain region located in Jokkmokk, Lapland. His vision was clear: to encapsulate the essence of the Nordic landscape without conforming to existing trends.

Showroom Opening in Madrid: A Resounding Success!

The grand opening of our new showroom in Madrid last week was an overwhelming success! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who graced the occasion with your presence and enthusiasm. Your support and participation mean the world to us.

See You at Design Post!

If you're attending IMM Cologne this January, don't forget to visit our showroom at Design Post. We'll be unveiling exciting updates for the upcoming season. This interior business event takes place from January 14th to 18th. See you there!

New Madrid Showroom: An Immersive Exploration of Materiality

Our latest project, the Madrid showroom, is an immersive journey into the world of materials. It is designed by Swedish designer Mattias Stenberg whose collaboration with Elmo dates back some time. Over the past year, he has poured his creativity into shaping our very first showroom.

Coming Soon: Sarek Nubuck Collection

We're getting ready to unveil Sarek, a new nubuck leather color collection, specially curated by renowned designer Mattias Stenberg. Inspired by the captivating Sarek National Park in Lapland, this collection is a unique celebration of Nordic beauty which adds a fresh dimension to our collections.

Elmo Leather and Same Easy Armchair Honored by Plaza Magazine

Elmo Leather and the new Same Easy armchair by Maze, designed by Louise Hedström, have been honored with a Sustainable Achievement Award by Plaza Magazine.

News for the season at Trends & Traditions 2024

Mark your calendars for May 2, 2024, and don't miss Elmo's showcase at Trends & Traditions in Copenhagen this spring. We'll be there, as always, presenting fresh products, thoughtfully curated color collections, and more.

Meet us at Design Post in January during IMM Cologne

Join us at our showroom located in Design Post, where we're set to unveil our latest offerings for the upcoming season.

New Collaboration with By Cloudberry

We are proud to announce our new collaboration with By Cloudberry. A Swedish company upcycling our excess leather into the most beautiful handcrafted premium bags.

Clean Water Tanning

Making Wastewater into Drinking Water


Our goal goes beyond producing the best leather in the world, we also aim to generate the cleanest wastewater in the world. Our optimized biological wastewater treatment plant sets an industry benchmark for purifying wastewater generated during the tanning process. Employing our innovative clean water tanning technology allows us to borrow and return water from the nearby river Ätran, rather than consuming. In addition, we are committed to supporting WaterAid in their mission to provide safe drinking water to communities worldwide.


We use water from nearby river Ätran. Purified almost to perfection with several parameters pushing 100%, it empowers Elmo the position as the obvious industry benchmark. Downstream, a regional cleaning facility filters the water, supplying cities on the Swedish West Coast with clean drinking water. Established in 2005, our biological waste water treatment plant is optimized to manage waste water from our tanning process, enabling waste water purification at an industry benchmark level. The plant and its innovated technology received honourable citation by the EU LIFE-Environment programme “the new waste water treatment technology also gives better results than the current best available techniques (BATs) for the tannery sector”. Clean water tanning technology enables us to borrow water instead of consuming it.


Elmo Supports Wateraid

In order to extend our pursuit of good quality water resources for everyone regardless of geographic location, Elmo supports WaterAid and the quest to facilitate safe water for everyone, everywhere.