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Leather is vivid, ages with grace and withstands the test of time. Treated and produced with respect, it’s one of the most sustainable materials available. We work solely with Scandinavian cow hides, the finest there is, to produce the natural, soft leather that is Elmo.

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A close up photograph of an armchair made with Elmonubuck

When you think of the softest, smoothest, and most exclusive leather, that’s Aniline, our most natural product. It’s only given a gentle surface treatment to withstand dirt. All in all, Aniline is bare, with its natural beauty retained and exposed. Signs of life, such as creases, fat lines, grain differences, insect bites and small healed wounds, guarantee the finest quality and authenticity.

Natural qualities such as creases, fat lines and grain differences are a telltale sign of a genuine aniline leather.



All the beauty and qualities of natural leather, with added strength, that’s Semi-aniline. We call it a fortunate compromise, providing both comfort and durability. Semi-aniline is treated with a water-based mix of binder, color pigment and fixative on the surface. The result is a soft and adaptable leather that withstands the test of time and cleans easily.

Natural qualities and marks are visible but less prominent in semi-aniline leather, compared to aniline.



This is our most complex leather with extra strength and ability to withstand the aggressive wear and tear of the automotive and aviation industries. We’ve spent years on developing this super durable leather with qualities like fire safety and light resistance in mind. The Technical surface is achieved by repeated treatments. The result is a slightly stiffer leather with less visible natural qualities.

Natural qualities with advanced technical performance and high durability defines our most complex leather.