Leather Care

Most leather types are provided with some kind of surface protection. While used, the leather comes in contact with body fat from e.g. hands and necks. If the leather is not cleaned and protected regularly, the body fat will slowly dissolve the surface protection. With no protection, the fat will penetrate into the leather, causing dark fat stains or discolouration. Take good care by regularly clean and protect the leather. The life span and elegant look of the leather is up to you to keep.

Leather Soft Cleaner, 400 ml

• Soft and gentle foam cleaner for dirt and soiling on leather from everyday usage.

• Suitable for use on aniline, semi-aniline and technical leather.

• Contains ingredient to help minimize water rings when drying.

• Always clean out to the nearest seam and then keep the leather damped for at least 4-6 hours by spraying the surface with lukewarm water to dissolve stains and to counteract water rings when drying.

• After cleaning, the leather might take a slightly darker shade when dry, clean everything to minimize the difference. Not suitable for cleaning grease stains or fat from neck and hands.

• After cleaning, leather might feel stiff, massage with hands or the edge of a plate.

• The product is water-based and biodegradable.

Leather Strong Cleaner, 400 ml

• Highly efficient foam cleaner for heavily soiled leathers. Removes most stubborn stains and is recommended for use in high demanding areas such as airports, public areas, vehicles etc.

• Suitable for semi-aniline and technical leathers.

• Can also be used on synthetic leather/vinyl.

• Restores dark, shiny leathers back to a matt finish.

• Very good for white leathers.

• Can be used/tested for problems with dye transfer e.g. from jeans. Important not to wait too long.

• The product is water-based and biodegradable.

Leather Protection Cream, 400 ml

• Leather Protection Cream is a protection and maintenance cream specially developed for exclusive aniline and vegetable natural leather. (not suede/nubuck).

• Improves the durability and keeps the leather soft and supple.

• Excellent for leather that is exposed to severe wear in e.g. public environment.

• Apply a thin and even layer of the product, more isn’t better.

• After use, the product will dry, no need to polish afterwards.

• Does not change the appearance or feel of the leather.

• Makes cleaning from daily usage easier, incl. dye transfer if not left too long. (For dye transfer, use Leather Strong Cleaner).

• The product is water-based and biodegradable.

Leather Nubuck Cleaner, 400 ml

• Always brush and vacuum the leather before cleaning it to remove loose particles.

• Effectively cleans suede and nubuck from every day dirt and soiling.

• Heavily soiled/greased leather from hands/necks, seek professional help.

• Always clean out towards closest seam to avoid water rings when drying.

• After cleaning, brush the leather to restore the surface and pile.

• The product is water-based and biodegradable.

Leather Nubuck Protection, 500 ml

• Effective stain protection spray.

• Does not change the appearance of the leather after treatment.

• Excellent for ”nude” vegetable tanned leather as well as suede and nubuck.

• Provides optimal protection against moisture, oils and dirt.

• The product is not volatile when dried.

• The product is solvent based but at the same time biodegradable

Leather Renew Wipes, 80pcs

• Wipes for easy cleaning of leather. (Not for suede/nubuck).

• Suitable for semi and techical leather. Can also be used on Aniline if it has been treated with Leather Protection Cream first.

• Can not be ”over used”.

• Perfect for public areas where time is of essence, e.g. restaurants.

• The product is water-based and biodegradable.

Antibacterial Disinfectant Leather Cleaner, 400 ml

• A gentle but effective foam cleaner for leather with anti-bacterial properties, thru a positively charged polymer. (Not suitable for suede/nubuck).

• Suitable for aniline, semi and technical leather.

• Provides a long term effect, against bacteria, mould and some viruses. Do not use together with other non-ionic cleaning products since it neutralizes the effect.

• The product is water-based and biodegradable.