Over the last 90 years elmo have been innovating tanning processes and today we set real industry benchmarks in the manufacturing of environmentally sound, superior quality leather for distinguished customers in the automotive sector.


Distinguish your interior with aniline and semi-aniline leather. Let Elmo’s elegance concept nourish your senses. Since the start in 1931 the concept of elegance has formed an integral part of Elmo’s ethos. We continuously search for perfection by combining a lingering luxury touch and premium comfort with application requirements for the automotive industry. Imagination by you elegance by elmo.


We are committed to you having it your way all the way. With a dedicated design team, we will inspire and support you to create your bespoke vehicle interior. Our innovative leather products are fused with cutting edge techniques, resulting in beautiful combinations of advanced perforation, quilting, printing and embossing. We offer a tailored experience from the design process to serial production, enabling you to distinguish your interior value proposition. With elmo you are in the driver’s seat. Imagination by you customization by elmo.


Be authentic, capture value, choose leather by elmo. By upcycling an organic material made by nature, into an authentic and durable end-product with a long lifetime, we reduce the CO2 footprint whilst maximizing the customer satisfaction. The extended product and application lifetime, generated by leathers naturally high adaptability in combination with our leading engineering capability, supports your warranty system, and increase the resale value of your vehicles. Our leather is founded on the principles of quality and durability, enabling your customers to clock up carefree miles whilst driving your customer satisfaction rates up. Imagination by you performance by elmo.


Since the late 80’s we have been driving the tanning industry towards water based coatings, pioneering discharge water purification in our state of the art biological Water Treatment Plant and facilitating local farmers with high efficient fertilizers produced from by-products. Now you can journey into a sustainable future with our next generation automotive lightweight leathers whilst enjoying superior comfort and improved fuel efficiency. Take the green route with Elmo and support the customer chain to reduce the COfootprint. Imagination by you sustainability by elmo.
Read further on our sustainability solutions including the animal welfare 6 freedoms policy here.

Every day we work closely with our customers design and colour departments, inspiring and innovating concept ideas to design reality. Our annual leather design show is touring both Europe and North America. During the leather design show you will be inspired with the latest trends and colours. From creative hands-on workshops to educational seminars where you can discover our latest leather developments, our leather design show is a designer must.

Places are limited at both events and for VIP invitation only. Imagination by you design by elmo.


Our accreditations serve as a guarantee of the quality and sustainability of both our processes and our products. We have regular inspections by qualified independent bodies to ensure we not only meet but exceed the most important industry standards as well as national and international guidelines. It is important to us that we adequately promote products of excellence and that you have full confidence in us as a partner. 


1. Quality assurance of systems
That you as a client can rely on us to do a good job is important to us. At Elmo, we therefore consider it essential to have a well-functioning organisation where quality control is an accepted element. In order to improve the control and knowledge of our business operations, our work processes have been quality-assured. Our Quality Management System is also ISO accredited, which you can read more about below.
ISO 9001:2015

2. Quality assurance of products
In order for you as a client to have access to top quality leather, we test each production batch, according to your technical specifications. The technical properties of the leather are tested according to standard international testing methods. The tests, conducted in our well-equipped laboratory, include rubbing, tear-strength, fogging, wear, ageing, etc.

3. Quality assurance of environmental impact
At Elmo, we are firmly committed to ensuring that our impact on the environment is kept at a minimum. Subsequently, we constantly work with projects to reduce our emissions to air and water. To ensure that our production process is in conformance with our environmental commitment,all our products are checked and controlled by independent institutions. In addition, since 2001, we have been accredited according to ISO 14001.