Elmosarek: A Natural Collection Inspired by Swedish Wilderness

We’re excited to introduce Elmosarek, a new nubuck leather collection thoughtfully curated by renowned designer Mattias Stenberg. This collection is new for the Nordic market and adds a fresh dimension to Elmo’s lineup.

A close up photograph of a sofa from Hem made with Elmosarek

Mattias Stenberg drew inspiration from the breathtaking Sarek National Park, Sweden’s largest mountain region located in Jokkmokk, Lapland. His vision was clear: to encapsulate the essence of the Nordic landscape without conforming to existing trends.


In Elmosarek, nature takes center stage. Stenberg’s color palette spans from the endless sky to the rugged terrain, embracing hues from the somber grey of clouds to the stony greys and sands, with every shade in between. The saffron-yellow lichen of Lapland, a distinctive feature of Sarek’s wilderness, also finds its place in this unique collection.

The Elmosarek collection is a harmonious fusion of nature-inspired colors, each with its distinctive character, suitable for both standalone use and harmonious integration into interior spaces.


Nubuck leather has an exceptional materiality, with its texture offering a subtle brushed expression, evoking a sense of transformation and leaves traces of movement. As Mattias Stenberg aptly puts it, “In an environment, it contributes to an elegant, well-maintained, and inviting impression.”


Elmosarek adds a coveted dimension to our existing leather collections. Its smooth nubuck finish, with fewer natural markings, allows for ease of application and upholstery, owing to its inherent thinness. We’re delighted to bring the essence of Sarek’s wilderness into your interior design projects, offering a touch of nature’s beauty and the artisanal craftsmanship that defines Elmo Leather.

Elmosarek collection displayed in a color wheel with all the article samples
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