The drivers dream

The Koenigsegg CC850 is the ideal combination of classic design and cutting-edge technology. It is engineered to be the perfect driver’s car.
Elmo has developed a leather customized for Koenigsegg’s high performance requirements in appearance, touch and technical specifications. The leather is a smooth grain leather that adds to the luxury feel and comes in a great number of signature colours.

The CC850 features the classic Koenigsegg silhouette, while the interior is a true work of art. A reimagined classic, featuring all-new technology from Koenigsegg – with a sprinkle of retro Koenigsegg aesthetic.


Christian Von Koenigsegg:

“Clearly, we struck a chord with the connoisseurs and the fans by blending our roots with novel thinking and a timeless design that stands apart from the rest. We are humbled and grateful for the response and will do our utmost to exceed expectations.”