Lisa Hilland – the Lumi Pouf

Swedish designer Lisa Hilland is known for her holistic approach to design, respecting both nature and human beings. Graduated from Central St Martin’s College of Art in London, Lisa keeps her Scandinavian heritage alive which can be seen both in her inspiration and use of material. She combines modern high-tech production techniques with traditional quality craftsmanship, creating sustainable objects.

When designing the Lumi Pouf, for her own designline Mylhta, Lisa set out to create an upholstered strong sculptural structure that would require minimal padding and still be soft to the touch and welcoming to the eye. This was achieved through making many smaller pockets in the shape, contributing to the pouf characteristic shape resembling a snowflake.

Lumi, meaning snow (or light) in Finnish, is created with inspiration from ice and snow formations in nature. The prime motivation behind this design was combining innovative sewing techniques, pattern construction with minimal padding, which was accomplished with small pockets sewn into the fabric. The result is a sturdy and comfortable pouf, with minimal padding.

A pouf created by Lisa Hilland and made with Elmoleather
Lisa Hilland posing next to her pouf creations made with Elmoleather

“The reason I like leather so much — besides that it’s soft, beautiful and smells lovely — is that it ages well with a patina and lasts for generations.”

Two Lumi Poufs adorned with the softest Elmo leather were selected for the exhibition Swedish Secrets in Paris 2022. One in Elmovegeta natural leather and another in Elmotreasure.

A pouf by Lisa Hilland made with Elmoleather
A pouf by Lisa Hilland made with Elmoleather