Mattias Stenberg on Stories of Materiality and Craftsmanship

Portrait of Mattias Stenberg

Images by: Mikael Lundblad

We’re delighted to introduce Mattias Stenberg as one of Elmo’s creative collaborators. As both a designer and architect, his multidisciplinary approach weaves contemporary residential architecture, furniture, lighting, and everyday objects into a tapestry of elegance and Nordic grace. At Elmo, Stenberg plays a pivotal role in everything from crafting colour palettes to designing showrooms.

A shelf in Mattias Stenberg studio
A photograph of Mattias Stenberg organizing Elmo leather samples in his window

Born in northern Sweden yet active in Stockholm, nature’s influence is unmistakable in Stenberg’s design philosophy, propelling him into a world where concept and materiality intertwine seamlessly.

“For me, design is a lot about storytelling. Every object I craft, whether a chair or a delicate glass sculpture, becomes a canvas for conveying messages and symbolic meanings. The experience goes beyond the physical aspect, leaving a lasting impact on the beholder,” says Mattias Stenberg.

His material-driven approach delves into the sensory experiences of objects and furnishings. For example, exploring how a soft sofa responds when someone sits for a few minutes or lingers for hours. It’s about considering how that object appears from afar versus up close, and how it evolves with age to how it translates through the lens of a camera.

Designer Mattias Stenberg in his studio

“Every object I craft, whether a chair or a delicate glass sculpture, becomes a canvas for conveying messages and symbolic meanings.”

A photograph of Elmo leather samples

Two projects exemplify Stenberg’s work with Elmo: The Elmosarek collection and the Madrid showroom. The Elmosarek collection, debuting in the Nordic market, draws inspiration from Sweden’s biggest national park and high mountain area, offering a palette that evokes hues from the grey skies, stones, and sands to the saffron-yellow lichen on the ground.


The Madrid showroom, conceived under Stenberg’s architectural expertise, stands as a tangible embodiment of Elmo’s commitment to materiality and craftsmanship. Architecturally, Stenberg’s showroom design thoughtfully guides visitors through curated experiences with Elmo’s leather. It’s an artistic journey where observers gradually uncover layers of sensory engagement, all within a relaxed setting that marries Spanish warmth with Scandinavian coolness.


Mattias Stenberg’s journey into the world of Elmo tells a story of materiality, nature, and is a thoughtful collaboration that’s changing the way we perceive and display leather.

Photograph from Elmo showroom in Madrid

Elmo’s new showroom in Madrid, designed by Mattias Stenberg, has been thoughtfully choreographed, immersing visitors in a journey through the world of materials.

A portrait of Mattias Stenberg