A number of articles in Elmo’s standard assortment are available in seven different patterns. The patterns are available in all the standard colours of the articles.
Minimum order is one hide. Delivery time approximately two weeks from order date.

* Lamborghini, Herring Bone, Wicker Weave, Basket Weave, Small Basket Weave and Ferrari comes in: Elmorustical, Elmobaltique and Elmosoft.
Pique comes in: Elmorustrical, Elmobaltique, Elmonordic, Elmosoft and Elmotech.

* The hide is embossed in 3 or 4 panels with visible seams, see below:

After embossing the hide will show more firm character.

The depth and character of the pattern may vary, depending on structure and thickness of the hide.


Herring bone

Wicker weave

Basket weave

Small basket weave