Origin – A Journey of Future and Past

As the year comes to an end, we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated in our design show “Origin – A Journey of Future and Past”. The show travelled to several locations in Europe and North America, bringing us close to you our valued customer, showcasing the contemporary art of leather by merging genuine craftsmanship with advanced technology – Beautiful and sustainable ‘Zero Waste Leather’ in perfect harmony with pioneering customization technologies.

The design show for 2023 is already in the planning stage and creative phase, we will get back with dates and venues during spring 2023 and hope that you are able to participate again. Until then we have uploaded the full film version of “Origin – A Journey of Future and Past” for your convenience. Be inspired by the latest colour trends, authentic luxury and our innovating leather propositions. Journey into a sustainable future and elevate your automotive interior design options with Elmo Leather Design show 2022 – “Origin – A Journey of future and past”- YouTube.


Be authentic, be inspired, choose leather by elmo