Georgina Wright on the New Elmosoft Colour Collection

Our latest Elmosoft colour collection offers a symphony of sophisticated hues that elevate any interior space. With 75 updated colours inspired by the ever-changing colours of the natural world, this collection invites designers and enthusiasts to explore the depths of colour possibilities.

Mattias Stenberg on Stories of Materiality and Craftsmanship

We’re delighted to introduce Mattias Stenberg as one of Elmo’s creative collaborators. As both a designer and architect, his multidisciplinary approach weaves contemporary residential architecture, furniture, lighting, and everyday objects into a tapestry of elegance and Nordic grace.

Meet Helena Bonving

In the world of automotive manufacturing, the demands are as diverse as they are intricate. At Elmo's product development division, these challenges find their answer. Helena Bonving spearheads the efforts, relishing the opportunity to craft distinctive and exclusive solutions for each customer.

Lisa Hilland – the Lumi Pouf

Swedish designer Lisa Hilland is known for her holistic approach to design, respecting both nature and human beings.


When the Swedish bag brand Cloudberry searched for a trusted partner who shared their commitment to sustainability for sourcing leather for their luxury items, they turned to Elmo.