Hyllie Terrace – a true story told with discarded leather

By embracing imperfections in leather and elevating the connection between humanity and nature together with interior designer Louise Hederström in creating a harmonious and inviting space in Hyllie Terrace.

StickerApp – Circular Leather Creativity at its Finest

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is something we always encourage at Elmo, especially when it comes to circularity.

Deichman Library in Oslo – Durable and Elegant with Elmosoft

The Deichman Library in Oslo is a true architectural gem designed by Lund Hagem, who won the commission in 2009.

The Winery Hotel – A Comfortable World of Winemaking

The Winery Hotel in Solna, Stockholm, is Sweden's premier wine hotel, where every detail of the interior design is carefully crafted for a timeless and high-quality experience.

With Attention to Every Detail: A Collaboration Between Kristalia and Elmo

Kristalia's dedication to quality and craftsmanship shines through their partnership with Elmo. In their quest for perfection, Kristalia is meticulous about every material used in their furniture production, making Elmo an ideal fit when it comes to leather.